• “Motivation 9/10 - want to learn more!”
  • “Really motivating and interesting!”
  • “I now have greater awareness; a good holistic approach”
  • “10/10! I’ve been given tools to go beyond the internal battle!”
My life is now so much richer.  I now have greater enthusiasm for my job, I scuba-dive, I have more energy & more courage. 
Dana Landis, PMP Project Manager

The Spark program was fantastic! My life started to completely turn around immediately. It is amazing stuff!! 
Jennie Dean, IT Executive

Chris was a valuable business partner to UHG’s learning and development initiatives both through his involvement in the UHG Leadership Development Program and as a Coach for some of our leaders.  Chris consulted with P&C at the inception of the UHG Leadership Development program and provided specific support and structure to help develop our associated Mentoring program.  A formal mentoring program was a new concept to our professional development model and Chris collaborated on the design of the program as well as providing valuable advice during the Mentor training and program support.

In addition to being a Mentor in the Mentor program, Chris’ was also engaged to provide coaching to members of the UHG leadership team where it was deemed they needed some one-on-one support outside of their formal management structure.  The feedback from the participants on Chris’ coaching was very positive – Chris’ ability to help participants identify challenges and work through solutions and empowering them to take ownership for the direction they wished to take was well very well regarded by the participants and UHG were able to see a positive impact from the coaching experience in the output of the individuals involved.  I personally found Chris’ to be very knowledgeable and his contribution to these programs to be well executed, professional and with a positive return on investment for our business.
Amanda Wilson, GM People and Culture - UHG, Dec 2014

Chris Eastham has coached me for more than 12 months, focusing on work-life balance and wellbeing. 
During this period I had the pleasure of working with a highly professional, intuitive and caring coach who was able to motivate me and give me ideas that were just right for my situation. During the process Chris showed true dedication, thoroughness and creativity in approaching the various issues that I was confronting.
I have also seen Chris working in a group situation and he is an excellent communicator who is able to engage with people of all ages and backgrounds. His passion for his work and the positive impact it has on others is apparent, and his commitment to ongoing professional development means he has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to draw upon. ”
Diane Taylor, Director, Stug Engineering, Dec 2008

I engaged Chris to assist me develop my leadership skills and have found his service valuable. I found the program to be insightful with some excellent tools to identify areas for improvement and focus. This has resulted in greater awareness toward the leadership aspects of my professional development, and enriched my daily interaction with staff, and has assisted set specific targets for improvement which I personally find very motivating ”
John Tucker, CTO, Fishserve New Zealand Jan 2011

The overriding objective [of the Spark program] for me was to help me come to terms with my health deterioration and to assist in the decision-making surrounding a lung transplant. 

Analysing both the rational and emotional issues and resolving their different perspectives into a coherent choice of action was really vital to help in determining a strategy to cope.
Some of the techniques discussed to reduce anxiety and stress levels surrounding my hospital visits really worked for me. Talking about the risks in context, together with visualising possible futures made a large decision much more manageable. ”
Jon Rolfe, Jan 2009

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