Spark Coaching Services

You know how most professionals or managers do want to improve energy levels and prosper but are too overloaded or stressed to achieve sustainable change? 
Well what I do through the Spark coaching program is work with individuals and teams to achieve professional and personal performance goals whilst reducing stress and enhancing productivity. 

Coaching provides a space where you can dream and then identify the best courses of action to achieve your dreams.  It is a rare opportunity to develop and then test your thoughts and ideas, stimulating increased creativity and accelerating implementation.  It creates a space to explore and overcome doubts, fears and barriers to achievement, and replace them with positive beliefs, practical plans and as a result, increased motivation and confidence. 

Who can benefit from a Spark?

Coaching particularly is suited to experienced professionals, business owners and executives who wants to achieve more who is currently feeling stuck in their work.  
  • Overloaded professionals who need reduced stress and better work/life harmony
  • Professionals who want to improve wellbeing while maintaining work performance
  • Good managers who want to be a great leaders and inspire teams and colleagues
  • Busy people who want to take control, take action and feel more alive
  • Experienced managers who want to improve their performance in specific areas 

How does it work?

Uniquely, your coach won't tell you how to run your career or your life, but through coaching you will discover your own answers and find ways to put them into action.  Coaching takes a unique approach to supporting you, focusing solely upon YOUR concerns, wants and needs in both your professional and personal life.   

A Spark coaching program with Chris Eastham will include:

  • A structured 1224 week program involving 6 – 10 coaching conversations
  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to understand your goals, values and current reality
  • The focus for each conversation is determined by the person being coached
  • Access to Strengths based profiling tool
  • A copy of the Discover Your Spark book.
What are the fees?

For more information about the program and fees CLICK HERE to contact Chris Eastham

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