About Chris

Christopher Eastham BPhEd ESSAM AEP AFACHSM

 I am a guy who is passionate about performance and wellness and my primary work role is
currently as the services Manager of Occupational Health and Wellness Services at UHG.  

I am a people person and I have managed, trained, coached and facilitated the personal and professional development of individuals privately and within organisations in New Zealand, England and Australia.  I have also worked with professional golfers and cricketers & elite multisport athletes.  I enjoy working with people to achieve big goals.

Over the last 14 years I have been involved in a range of leadership roles within the health and wellness industries and have gained considerable experience as a business owner in London and Melbourne.

I studied physical education and psychology in New Zealand.  Upon leaving university, I moved to London, England and set up a wellness consulting practice.  For 7 years I worked firstly as a personal trainer in London, then as an accredited clinical exercise physiologist in Melbourne.  During this time I gained additional qualifications in corporate coaching, psychology and training/assessment.

As a wellness and performance leader, I believe that all people have their own personal leadership ability within.  I believe that my role is not to teach my own path to success that others should follow, but to offer a framework of learning and insightful partnerships for people to gain awareness of their inner resources and perceptions. This way they can create their own personal model of wellbeing, purpose, sustainable success and energy development.

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