Thursday, May 7, 2015

Chronic Musculoskeletal Condition Self-Management Resource

Its great to see organisations like Arthritis Victoria creating resources that encourage and support people to self-manage chronic conditions.

I'm excited to be able to tell people about this instructional video that I worked with Arthritis Victoria on in 2013.  It is an instructional video promoting how people with chronic musculoskeletal conditions can use of Warm Water Exercise (or Hydrotherapy) to manage their conditions.

My involvement included designing and drafting the script, and auditing the exercise science content.  I also co-presented with my colleague Renee De Silva, who was the program coordinator for the Waves program, which was a large volunteer led program involving around 120 volunteers and 1000 participants attending classes each week.  The volunteers themselves were inspirational, often having led classes every week for over 10 years and sometimes up to 30 years!

For community based health and wellness professionals working with people with Chronic Musculoskeletal conditions I highly recommend looking at this great resource.  Have a look at this short trailer for an introduction.

If you Want to purchase a copy for yourself or others, visit the Arthritis Victoria online store here:

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