Sunday, October 16, 2011

Healthy relationships

How can relationships affect weight loss?  Surely weight loss is just about willpower.  If you know me you will also know that im saying this a bit tongue and cheek because I firmly believe in the interconnectedness of wellbeing and how different aspects of our lives affect each other.  In fact, as I write this now it reminds me of a personal experience I had with this.  In 2010 when I was dealing with the stress involved with going through a marriage break up and seperation I suddenly started having asthma symptoms.  Now my lungs have always been a bit dodgy and low performing when measured on a 'peak flow' asthma testing machine - but I had never experienced asthma symptoms of wheezyness or shortness of breath....until this time of emotional stress.  But then after the seperation happened and in January as the stress reduced the symptoms did as well.  Its not exactly a scientific study but it was a very clear example to me of how we have to think about wellness and weight management in the context of our lives as a whole.

This is the point the Gallup organization also trumpets in their 'wellness' book and online questionnaire.  Their research in to thousands of people in over 150 countries has confirmed that 'while it might be easier to treat these critical areas of our lives as if they are independent, they're not!'.  
It was chatting to a client this morning that reinforced this point again this morning.  She was quite proud because she had noticed her weight had gone down on the scales for the first time in a couple of years.  Good on her, I thought!  But as we chatted she explained how her daughter has a broken leg and so is in a caste and is stuck at home at the moment.  She was feeling down in the dumps because she could not go out with her friends on Saturday night so asked if they could go to McDonald together. Wanting to be a good mum, my client agreed and although she wasn't feeling hungry bought a cheeseburger because she was there.  Fortunately for her, because she is feeling more confident than a couple of months ago she only ate half the cheese burger then felt full so through the rest away.  This was a big win for her because a few months ago she would have forced it all down!

So its great to see her confidence growing, it really is what I live for! But the fact remains that if her daughter wasn't injured she wouldn't have been in that situation.  Or if she wasn't wanting to be a good mum she wouldn't have gone to McDonald's.  Until we really appreciate and embrace the idea that wellness and lifestyle change is not isolated from everything else going on in the world weight will just keep going up.  So to reverse the tide remember to take a holistic approach.  A great way to start is a holistic wellness check-in.  The spark check-in is a great way to do this.  Its also free and quick so why not give it a go now to see what your energy for wellness is like.  Click here to give it a go!

Yours in good health

Chris Eastham

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