Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Right to be proud & confident

I was organizing to interview a young woman last week who is 25 and is a successful marketing manager and television presenter. She is also confined to a wheel chair and has no ability to move her body apart from hands, partial movement of her arms and her head.

As I discussed the idea of an interview, I explained what my Spark program was and I described it as a 'small program', and that is only just taking off so there isn't much too it yet.

She cut me off point blank over the phone and just said straight - 'I don't believe there's ever any need to talk yourself down. Be proud of what you have, what ever it is'.

I was humbled and felt a bit embarrassed, then I got over myself and just took her advice on board! I said to her in a confident voice 'Brilliant, that is why I want to interview you!' She has definitely learn't to come up with her solutions and overcome perceived obstacles in her life, and she reminded me that anything is possible if you give yourself permission to let it happen!!

This further reinforced that our perception of the world, our thoughts and how we feel is largely dependent on our mood at that point in time. If you have been talking yourself down about something or getting wound up about something else, remember that you CAN be proud and confident and indeed have the RIGHT to experience these states no matter what you age, race, social background, or physical situation.

Warm regards

Chris Eastham

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