Thursday, July 21, 2011

Looking for Energy in a can?

We all want to feel full of energy, be motivated for home life and work, live a long and prosperous life, avoid chronic health conditions and to be happy. But what are the secrets? Is there a pill we need to take or a rare amazonian fruit that can boost our beta-2-antioxidant-creatine levels to help us boost vitality?

Before we rush to the latest issue of Cleo or Mens health for the verdict. Lets consider a few varied and qualified opinions.

In the book Prosperity Without Growth, Tim Jackson identifies a number of factors affecting subjective well-being (happiness)in order of importance; {Partner/spouse and family relationships, health, a nice place to live, money and financial situation, religon/spiritual life, community & friends, work fulfillment.

In a lecture on mindfulness & happiness Dr Craig Hassed from Monash University department of general practice identifies his 7 pillards of health as being education, stress management, spirituality, exercise, nutrition, connectedness and the environment.

In a comprehensive study of thousands of people in over 150 different countries the Gallup organisation identified 5 different catagories that influence energy levels and wellbeing; Career, social life, financial stability, physical wellbeing & community.

And in his study of the Blue Zones. Places around the world where people more routinely live longer and more often in to the hundreds than elsewhere Dan Beuttner identifies food, physical activity, sleep, a realistic optimistic mindset, a sense of purpose, financial stability, good close relationships, strong community support and a sense of spirituality as being the important influencing factors.

What these intrepid researchers confirm without doubt is that when wanting to improve Energy levels, feel more alive and motivated for work and family we need to respect the importance of all the different areas of our life. Over the next few blogs we'll look into what has been happening in society over the past few years that might be undermining these foundation pillars and then what we can do to address the issues.

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