Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Improving performance and quality of life through sustainable sources of energy

Many Personal Trainers and lifestyle change programs achieve their success by building hype involving animated displays of motivation. Clients are encouraged and motivated by the trainer who is full of energy. Their energy is infectious or it 'rubs off' on us.

Now this is great in some situations but the limitation is that the energy comes from the program or from the trainer. Like a 5.7l V8 Holden that constantly requires filling up with petrol. You use the energy up throughout the week and are not able to maintain it, so have to keep returning, week after week, to fill up at the source.

Sustainability is a really big topic at the moment, its everywhere in the news - And for good reason! Imagine if your aim was not to become just motivated but to inspire the creation of your own sustainable energy source.

And therein lies the difference between motivation & inspiration...

* Motivation - The energy comes from a non-renewable source which is unsustainable

* Inspiration - The energy comes from your own renewable source and is sustainable.

Motivation and the ability to generate hype are very useful tools, and you only have to go to see your favourite band live to experience the benefits and euphoria first hand. But just imagine for a minute how it might feel to have the opportunity to discover what drives you and genuinely inspires you.

Motivation and hype can be like a clock on the wall that is no longer with you when you leave the room, hype can be superficial because like motivation it is a product of somebody else's energy. True inspiration goes much deeper; it is internally driven and is like a wristwatch that is always with you.

Inspiration taps you into your own natural sources of energy & power. Like a pair of jumper leads to connect you on all levels with your internal solar panels and windmills so you can generate your own energy in a sustainable way 24/7. You will definitely still fill up with motivating activities when you want to - but you do them because you want to, not because you need to.

Improve performance and gain a new source of power

Jumpstart your lifestyle and achieve sustainability

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