Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is your lifestyle firing on all cylinders, or is it backfiring?

Well I have never believed that getting the lifestyle that you want should be hard work. I prefer to think of lifestyle change like a fastinating journey whereby you have the oppoerunity to go on a holiday or take a road trip.

But its important to realise that when you are learning how do drive a new high performance lifestyle, or if you are learning to drive on the other side of the have to learn to drive the vehicle!

You see, once you have reached your destination you can have a tourist mentality but if you decide to go on a lifestyle change road-trip you have to be the driver!so my question to you is:

  • Whose driving your lifestyle change?
  • Do you have your eyes in the road in front or are you too busy staring at the dashboard, or worrying about what is in the rear-view mirror?
  • Are you in control, or are you just getting taken for a ride?

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