Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Formula for Lifestyle Change

The experiences of some of my clients has inspired me to come up with another formula that has proven to be quite successful at providing a framework for continued change. The formula is nothing new.

I don’t pretend that I have discovered some missing piece in the puzzle of life or have stumbled across any holy grail of health. In fact its quite the opposite. I believe that this is something that we all intrinsically know. I have simply put it into a simple and digestible form to help people who might have got a bit sidetracked. Anyway, Easthams Formula says that:

Easthams Commitment Formula

Ongoing commitment = Prioity x Self Talk x Planning


If you are not as healthy or fit as you ideally want to be, it is a wonderful thing to be able to imagine just how your health might be better or different in the future…..but when you stop and think of your life as a whole. Is health improvement your primary goal for the end of the year, or is your career more important? Is achieving a healthy weight one of the most important things on your mind or would you prefer to expend you energy looking after your friends and family and loved ones.

Health is only one aspect of our lives and in the 21st century there are plenty of other aspects of life that different people prefer or need to be interested in. So its important to get an understanding of whether health is truly a priority.

Over the next couple of weeks ill discuss the rest of the formula and introduce some ideas to assess yourself and develop powerful lifestyle change strategies.

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